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Paddock's Purpose: Why We're Building a Powerhouse Construction Marketing Agency

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Welcome to the world of Paddock, a construction marketing agency that has redefined the way companies in the built environment approach their marketing initiatives. Founded by industry veterans with over 15 years of experience, Paddock emerged from the dynamic landscape of in-house marketing for some of the nation's largest contractors.

The Birth of Paddock: From In-House to Agency

In the beginning, the founders of Paddock were the driving force behind the marketing success of top contractors across the country. However, a realization dawned upon them – instead of helping one company grow, why not leverage their expertise to assist many in the built environment? This epiphany led to the establishment of Paddock, a visionary construction marketing agency.

The founders were not just marketing experts; they were instrumental in creating the Nation's first construction young professionals group for the Associated Builders and Contractors. Their commitment to fostering industry growth was further reflected in their role as founding members of the local group in their home state of New Hampshire.

Paddock's Impactful Journey: Building a Construction Marketing Agency

Since its inception, Paddock has been making waves in the construction marketing world. The agency's portfolio boasts a range of achievements, from launching new interior design companies to assisting one of the largest flooring companies globally in creating a groundbreaking social media program. Paddock's expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries, with the design and implementation of cutting-edge websites and intranets. Their commitment to supporting companies they previously worked with highlights the depth of their long-term partnerships.

Michael Browning, Founder of Paddock, reflects on their mission:

"At Paddock, we believe that success in construction marketing goes beyond conventional strategies. It requires a profound understanding of the industry's heartbeat – its challenges, rhythms, and unique dynamics. Our purpose is a testament to this belief, and we invite companies in the built environment to join us in shaping the future of construction marketing."

Shaping the Future of Construction Marketing

Paddock's journey from in-house team to a dedicated agency is a testament to the founders' vision and commitment. As the agency continues to shape the future of construction marketing, companies in the built environment are encouraged to consider the benefits of partnering with a specialized agency like Paddock. The intersection of experience, innovation, and a deep understanding of the industry positions Paddock as a formidable force in construction marketing.

If you're ready to elevate your construction marketing strategies, explore what Paddock has to offer. Contact us today to discover how our tailored approach can help your business thrive in the dynamic world of the built environment. Your success story starts with Paddock – where construction marketing meets excellence.

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